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This week's (barely) update is two dozen bonus black & white images added to the Nov 77 Diane v Karen photoset. Last week's update of color images added to the 08/80 Gayla v Vesta photoset was the last of the color images from the BoutTime Studios donation. There are six or seven more sets of images for me to work through, so hopefully I can keep the weekly postings coming, but there are many more b&w images than color ones, so . . .

Also, probably going unnoticed by casual browsing is the updating of page coding I've been doing. I've been a bit lax in keeping up with software changes in webpages over the years and I'm doing my best now to get the site HTML5/CSS compatable. There are over 300 pages in the main site directory alone not to mention the pages in the individual directories for each published issue. Then of course there's the AHW Magazines to fix as well. So that's a whole a bunch of updating that I'm doing by hand. Sort of time consuming. Along with re-scanning issue covers and fixing the "search by" pages and so on. Point is, I'm staying busy trying to keep things neat around here whilst adding new material.

I hope you all stay safe during all the craziness going on these days and as always . . . enjoy the new material!
This Friday's Gallery update is the 09/75 Salome v Gail match. As with the 1976 Ann #2, I think what put me off was all the overlapping images in the issue. I put it on the back burner and . . . oops. But it's online so now, so . . . yeah.

Also added here at the not yahoo! groups page is a small batch of color pics from the BoutTime Studios submission. There is still a ton more to go from the stash they sent to me, but there were a lot of onesies and twosies that didn't seem worthy of adding to their respective SRW issue pages, so I put them here in the Random color pics gallery. I got a kick out of the one set where Ehret tacked a few of his own fem fight images on the wall behind the girls, one with a 1st place ribbon on it. Wonder what that was about? Enjoy! DrChin
I've added two more issues to the Gallery -- Annuals #2 and #4 from 1976. Both are miscellaneous images. A helpful fan noted I had not included several of SRW's annual issues to the gallery and when I started in on #2 I remembered why I hadn't done that issue yet. All those artsy angled images! Eesh! I can manage it better now via Photoshop, but back in the day trying to scan that stuff and get the images square on the scanner was a nightmare. Anyway you got it now.

As you may have noticed on the front page, I ran across a nude of Gretchen Gayle in one of my source spots for vintage photography. Wonderfully high-res, I didn't have to do anything to it but a light cropping and it's yours for the viewing.

Also got a contact from one of my best buddies from the dial-up days -- the mighty Shiai Mata. And his sharp eye brought me this tip -- renowned filmaker Lynne Marguiles was with comedian Andy Kaufman towards the end of his life. She even did a few wrestling engagements with him during his "Intergender Wrestling Champ" phase. In an interview she mentioned she had done a wrestling photoshoot when she was 19 with our own Theo Ehret. When the pictures from her shoot were published in SRW, Kaufman was overjoyed and bought every issue he could find. Shiai included a recent image of Margulies and suggested the only SRW girl he thought might her at 19 was Talia. And he was right! As I told him, though I don't personally have them, I've seen the model releases from the Jenny v Talia shoot, and one is indeed signed Lynne Marguiles. How cool is that?

So along with that bit of fun, I thought I'd also mention that I'm going to try and do regular Friday updates for a while as I work through the BoutTime submissions and my own finds along with Gallery additions. Enjoy!
I can't tell from watching the site stats, whether fans are using the notifications on the main page or coming here or using the updates page for info, so I'll try to make sure all the bases are covered -- I've added some unpublished color images to the Jan 78 Rita v Miro match and also some more scans from Exquisite Mayhem . . . one set is the Robinson/Jensen pics, one set is the Jenny pics and the last is the jumping pics. amusing aside I had that Robinson/Jensen set ready to go online and forgot about it. Heh . . . oldtimer's disease! Enjoy!
In case you haven't noticed on the site's update page, I've added some new color images to both the 5/79 Lannie v Ruth page and also to the 4/79 Cherish v Aria page. These are courtesy of BoutTime Studios. I've know the proprietor of that wonderful website since the dial-up days of the internet. He sent along a massive pile of images he recently came across and I'll be working them in here as I sort through them. Feel free to drop him a line or take a short membership at BTS to show your appreciation. Enjoy!
I've added a few more color pics to the Ehret Scans gallery from photosets I've come across recently. You should recognize all the gals with the exception of the last two pics which are of models Angela Field and Elizabeth Moreno from a shoot that supposedly should have appeared in SRW in late 1983. I should be posting a few more scans from Exquisite Mayhem tomorrow. Enjoy!
I've added some previously unpublished images of Miranda v Portia (SRW Jun 81) to the site. These are from slides and I've cleaned them up as best I can. Also, a small note -- these are not Ehret images but rather from Bill Otten, if you're keeping track at home (lolz).
I've also added a couple more color images to the Ehret Scans gallery here. Two from 8/77 Claire v Olivia, two from 1/81 Phonseka v Penny and two from 1/82 Vanity v Ornette. Enjoy!
LOVE the new pages doc! The "Not yahoo groups" and the Theo Erett pages are a very welcome and enjoyable addition to the site (which btw, is still my favorite). Any plans on a new online magazine in the works? Would love to see more of your vision on the ahw genre.
Hope you're well and all the best to you
Thanks, as I said, it's a bit clunky but it serves the purpose. Glad you like it.
I'm wrestling a bit (no pun intended) with the story in the next issue, which is basically ready to go except for the main feature. I know how I want it to go, but I'm not sure about how it reads so to speak. I want to get it right. I know it's frustrating for you guys. But I'm working on it.
Okay, so I've managed to scan the Betsy v Regina negatives that were unused from the tiny BG#4 publication. I've relaunched the Theo Ehret gallery (link on the misc page) to post them online. I'm also in the process of re-scanning the images from Exquisite Mayhem at a little higher resolution in the hopes of making better and larger images for you guys (and gals I suppose). As I get more scans from the book done, I'll keep adding new sets to the page. It's a bit tedious, I had forgotten just how many pictures were in that book. Also how many were nothing but crotch and spread shots. Won't be publishing those, a bit too vulgar for my taste. But hopefully you'll enjoy the Serena stuff. I got a kick out of the product placement in a few of the pictures, lolz. Enjoy!
So here's a bit of fun for you all (I hope) . . . I've come across some old unpublished Theo Ehret negatives. I'm in the process of trying to work out the best way to process these, but here's a few bits for you to start. There's a set of Jenny and Kimshee, a set from the Betsy v Regina story in Battling Girls #4, a set with Rosemary Lorenz and Shirley Aronowitz, a set with models Rhonda Hart and Karla Jewett (and dig that big 80's hair and blue eye shadow baby, yowzers!), and a set with Annette Conestible and Pam Ostergaard.
As I said, I'm in the process of working out how to best convert these and in fact, I'll be re-doing the Jenny pics (edit: fixed 'em) as I came across something doing the other color pics, so there will be more to come. I'll probably relaunch the Theo Ehret gallery on the site for those. So we'll see.
Hope you like them. Enjoy!
Lisa Comshaw passed away Feb 9 in Las Vegas. You may also know her as Tori Sinclair, a name she appeared under for some of her fetish and soft-core porn work. She was 55 years old and survived by an ex-husband and a teenaged son (I believe).
I can remember Lisa/Tori from the big hair 90's as a model and the earliest days of the catfight industry online. You've probably seen her work at Steel Kittens, JM Rolen, Double Trouble and pretty much any other place that did catfight/wrestling vids. She worked regularly for three decades.
I mentioned to Ed (STJ) when he notified me about her passing, that it was tough to see her in some of the most recent DT vids as age and apparently some hard living had taken it's toll on her. In her early days of catfighting she was mostly a dom but towards the end she appeared relegated exclusively to jobber work. Tough industry.
I've included a couple of those 90s glam pics, some 20 year old catfight pics with Eve Ellis, and a few shots from DT where she's working over Mia Walters enthusiastically. That's three long time, well known ladies we've lost in the last couple of years. All of them at a pretty young age. Very sad.
So our diligent Cynara sleuth is at it again. This time he has found one of those old photo books that feature the Queen of Apartment House Wrestling Cynara in it. If these images look somewhat familiar, that's because you may have seen the old small .mpegs that were online nearly twenty years ago that feature Cynara (Pat Waid) and this blonde in what looked to be a half-hearted slap & tickle bout on a bed.
So here are the images, I've left them the size our sleuth scanned them at. They're pretty decent quality. Reducing them by about 50% will sharpen them up a bit if you're interested in that. All in all, an excellent find.
Thanks again to our in-house detective. You're the best!
Added Dallas v Kiki from the Mar 1981 issue of SRW.
A sharp-eyed fan noticed I had not included that issue on the site. That's two issues from 1981 I missed . . . eesh. But I think what stopped me originally in this case is that the pics are the same as Denise v Leonora from Nov 1976 with one or two different images added in. Interestingly, the story appears to have been written with two different models in mind -- both brunettes and one with curly hair. However, the captions were written to match up with the images. So I guess it's just one of those delightful quirks of SRW like the bizarre Mar 1980 Valerie v Gloria reprint. Maybe it's something about the month of March. Enjoy!
Fan submitted content posted. Click on the "Twins Gallery" link in the gallery section.
Thanks to WC for these.
I like your new page. Similar to the others, easy enough to navigate.
With all the nice work you do I would like to share some pics I purchased a long time ago. I believe they were from an advertising inside Sports Review Wrestling magazine.
Thank you for all your great work.
Thanks for that and thanks for the pics. Pretty decent resolution, they look a bit like the stuff that turned up in SRW satellite publications. I'll get them up as soon as possible.
Okay, I've upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and after much struggling, I have their pain in the ass e-mail application working, so I can now get your e-mails to me. I have revised the size and layout a bit to make the page look a little better, while still retaining some resemblance to the original yahoo! groups homepage.

I've brought over most of the content from there, a lot of which was simply site and 'zine updates which I didn't think necessary, so I'm not going to include them here. Of course as I book new shoots, I'll open up a new "bookings" gallery to let you know what's coming in that department.

I've included some galleries that I had created for another website that never got sent over. They've been updated with additional pics, so I hope you enjoy them.

If you click on the inbox graphic at the upper right of the page, that will let you send e-mail to me tagged for this page specifically. Unless otherwise specified in your e-mail, I'm going to assume you are okay with me posting that message here. If you sign the e-mail with some sort of name, that's what I'll use at the end of your message to identify you to others. I won't post your e-mail address for anyone to see. This is kind of a clunky way to do this and short of hosting some sort of forum in my domain, I don't see another way to continue this. We'll see how it goes.

Finally, as to posting content sent to me . . . if you created this content or it is simply something you've scanned out of old magazines or some such, I think that will be okay. I'm not going to post content from behind another site's paywall unless the owner of that site gives me explicit consent. I appreciate the stuff that was posted to the old Yahoo! group, but I pay for this server access and don't want to be liable for posting content that should only be for paying members of some website.

Let me know what you think, and we'll go from here.
Trial layout for this page. Nothing works yet, just working out the look. Thoughts?