to the Apartment House Wrestling Gallery!
faith v leinia - 12/77
cynara v jenny - 5/75
noele v angelique - ann/77
denise v leonora - 11/76
This site is my homage to the fabulous apartment house wrestling stories that appeared in Sports Review Wrestling Magazine in the 70s and 80s.

I became a fan of these stories back in the mid-seventies and at one time had quite an extensive collection of the original magazines.

In 1999, I put the first incarnation of this site on-line with only thumbnail sized images. The response was overwhelming, and in May of 2000, I moved the site to it's current home.

I've exchanged nearly all the thumbnails for full-sized images now, and have added captions to help convey the flavor of the stories.

I've also added stories from the hard to find Battling Girls magazines, formatted in the same style as the originals. Or as close as I can manage with my limited program-
ming skills.

It is my hope that this site will satisfy those who long to relive these glorious old photostories as well as introduce new fans to this wonderful genre.

Plus there are other female fighting goodies inside - apartment style boxing images, exclusive custom images, tribute pages, and so on. There are plenty more of the original photostories to post. And I've got a few more surprises coming as well.

So come on in, look around, I hope you like what you find. And feel free to drop me a line anytime - the doctor is always in!

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